Lorenzo Sauras-Altuzarra

Research Unit of Computational Logic


Main research interests

Journal articles

Item Status Year Co-authors Title Journal
4 Published 2024 M. Prunescu An arithmetic term for the factorial function Examples and Counterexamples
3 Published 2022 C. R. Cimadamore, L. A. Rueda and N. J. Thome Lattice properties of partial orders for complex matrices via orthogonal projectors Linear and Multilinear Algebra
2 Published 2022 None Some properties of the factors of Fermat numbers The Art of Discrete and Applied Mathematics
1 Published 2022 None Some applications of Baaz's generalization method to the study of the factors of Fermat numbers Journal of Logic and Computation


Studies Year Supervisor Title
PhD 2024 M. Baaz From Logic to Discrete Geometry via Lattices
MSc 2018 C. Krattenthaler Hypergeometric closed forms
BSc 2015 C. Gómez-Ambrosi Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem

Organized scientific events

Year Co-organizers Name Country
2023 M. Baaz and T. Gappo Conference on Techniques from Logic in Mathematics (CTLM) Austria

Some presentations

Type Year Title Event Country Format Length
Invited 2024 Proof mining in Fermat numbers Formulas in Number Theory - Research in Pairs Workshop Romania Blackboard 30 min.
Invited 2019 Hilbert's 10th problem Fifteenth International Tbilisi Summer School in Logic and Language Georgia Slides 3 h
Contributed 2023 Recent results on the geometry of numbers 25th Central European Number Theory Conference Hungary Slides 20 min.
Contributed 2023 A geometric description of the factors of Fermat numbers 32èmes Journées Arithmétiques France Blackboard 30 min.
Contributed 2023 Covers and point-lattices 7th mini symposium of the RNTA Italy Blackboard 15 min.
Contributed 2023 On the enumeration of Krom functions Dutch Days of Combinatorics 2023 Netherlands Slides 5 min.
Contributed 2022 Special lattices of orthogonal projectors Maribor Graph Theory Conference Slovenia Blackboard 20 min.
Contributed 2022 Generalization of proofs of universal sentences Celebrating the 2022 World Logic Day Austria (online) Flipchart 0.5 h
Contributed 2021 Divisibility criteria for Fermat numbers 3rd Workshop on Proof Theory and its Applications Portugal Slides 0.5 h
Contributed 2021 On the divisibility of Fermat numbers 14th International Conference on Discrete Mathematics Romania Blackboard 40 min.
Contributed 2021 Generalization of arithmetical proofs Celebrating 90 Years of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems Germany Slides 0.5 h
Contributed 2021 Generalization of proofs and codification of graph families 8th European Congress of Mathematics Slovenia Slides 20 min.
Contributed 2021 Arithmetical applications of Baaz’s generalization method Logical Perspectives 2021: Summer School and Workshop Russia (online) Slides 0.5 h
Seminar 2023 Aplicaciones recientes del método de generalización de Baaz a la teoría de números Seminario de Doctorado Rubio de Francia Spain Blackboard 45 min.
Seminar 2022 Recent observations on the factors of Fermat numbers Computational Logic Seminar Austria Blackboard 45 min.
Seminar 2016 An Introduction to Finite and Infinite Ramsey Theory Arbeitsgemeinschaft Diskrete Mathematik Austria Slides 1.5 h

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